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Earth Friendly Creatures


I started making stuffed animals a few years ago as a fundraising item for the Aids Action Committee in Boston. I had just found out that a very close friend of mine was diagnosed with HIV & I wanted to do something to help. Those, "Dot Bears" as I called them were a hit and I was able to raise a fair amount of money that I donated to AAC. I began to get a lot of requests from people wanting more of them after I stopped making them - so they quickly became a product line that turned into a family of 9 different creatures. A few years ago I shrunk them down to a smaller size to bring the cost down and make them easier to make. Of the 9 styles - the Sot Bear has always been my favorite and the most popular. I have a small quantity left and will be offering them slowly for sale here in this category - I may not be making them any more and each one is a one of a kind & handmade from all recycled fabrics. Hope you like them & Thank you!












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